Whether you need a typical vacation getaway or an exquisite corporate gathering spot, Saluzi is the right place for a sophisticated yacht experience. Saluzi is an Austral luxury yacht, approximately 69 m long, with a uniquely customized aluminum hull. The luxurious yacht is five decks high and has the most alluring artwork on its aluminum hull and within the yacht. Saluzi is an iconic piece featuring state-of-the-art interior and exterior designs that blend seamlessly with luxurious lighting in its most natural form. The enormous yacht layout can accommodate 32 guests across her 16 styled cabins; two master suites on the bridge deck with a private balcony, seven deluxe VIP rooms on the upper deck, three double rooms, and four twin rooms. The room designs vary in theme style and grandeur but are all fully equipped with entertainment systems.

Saluzi also features state-of-the-art facilities, including a spa, saloon, an outdoor cinema, karaoke bar, and a fully equipped gym with high-tech fitness gear. The sun deck is about 295 square meters wide and features two jacuzzis; it is especially suited for social gatherings and events to accommodate about 200 guests. The other end of the deck features an outdoor cinema with the most spectacular heaven on earth scenery. To ensure that the guests get the most of these facilities, Saluzi is serviced by 34 well-trained crew members, including a personal trainer and two spa therapists. Saluzi also has special features, including various water toys, sports equipment, a casino, and a professional karaoke lounge, to give guests an unforgettable experience. For guests who love adventures and exploring, Saluzi features stunning underground destinations with sea bobs, water-skis, and wake boards.

Every moment spent on this beauty is a fantastic experience, a breathtaking one. The views are quite picturesque; a brew of the sun and the sea surrounded by calm waves, a beach-like experience. Even with a max speed of 14 knots, Saluzi features an advanced zero-speed stabilizer that reduces the motions of the yacht while at anchor, ensuring absolute comfort for guests. Saluzi was first built in 2003 for Bora Bora Curises. The yacht was later refitted and converted to a charter yacht in 2014. Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) was at the forefront of the refitting project, providing their renowned signatory designs in the most elegant form. The yacht now features the most beautiful signage graphic design on hull and furniture made from well-crafted wood, supple leather, and linen textile. Through the designs made by TDoS, guests are assured of comfort and experience that exceed their imagination.